At Detecon – a Deutsche Telekom Group company – we believe that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will play a pivotal role as a key innovation factor across all major industry sectors in the years to come. In nearly all areas of both professional and personal life, major trends in ICT such as Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet, Smart Grids, Green IT, Sustainability, and Social Networking will have an increasingly profound impact on the way we do business. ICT has in fact already become the core foundation of how we conduct business and we foresee that it will be the backbone of the global economy and industrial complex for as far as we can imagine in the future. Areas of application such as traffic and transport, the energy sector, home and lifestyle, manufacturing industries and healthcare will change radically and then continue to evolve under the influence of ICT. ICT – for everyone, everywhere, in virtually every object and individual – will be the essential characteristic of the world of tomorrow.
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